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Emex – is a marketplace where spare parts suppliers sell their goods, and customers – find the parts they need. The variety of offers attracts customers and customers create demand that only the best supplier can satisfy. Join the market and get your piece of a pie!

Items sold daily

25 000

Average supplier annual sales

400 000 $

How to sell with Emex

  • 1.

    Sign up as supplier and upload price list

  • 2.

    Your offer will be seen by thousands of customers

  • 3.

    Once you got an order, simply bring goods to Emex DWC Sorting facility or send it with our Pick-up service.

How can supplier benefit from Emex

  • Strong sales channel

    With Emex, you will receive additional sales regardless of how long you have been on the market, if you have online store or are just planning to go online.
  • Emex Warehouse
  • Emex trucks
  • Hassle free logistics

    Drop off goods at Emex DWC or simply call for a pick-up from your store – the rest is on us. For overseas suppliers we offer 3PL Fulfillment services.
  • Let the Dead stock go away

    Exposing inventory to more customers increases your chances to move even the rarely selling items.
  • Emex warehouse shelves
  • Clear analysis of your inventory

    We share real market data and analytic tools with our suppliers for better performance. Use Emex to project the demand for your products. Upload the price list and see how profitable it is to sell your products online. Orders usually arrive immediately after registration.

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  • How it works?

    Once you upload your products, they become available to order in all of our distribution network. For each successfully completed order we top up your balance and make payout twice a month, in a preferred currency. Terms and conditions are available in user agreement

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